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It goes from numerology to ESP to conspiracy theories to the bible. Stay tuned.

01:14 -!- Irssi: Starting query in SL4 with infinpotential
01:14 [infinpotential] hi
01:37 [Xuenay] Hey
01:39 [infinpotential] hello
01:39 [infinpotential] :)
01:39 [infinpotential] did you see my type in the channel?
01:40 [Xuenay] Can't say I did, I'll take a look at it in a moment
01:41 [Xuenay] Right now the local cat killed some small animal and brought in, I think I'll take that corpse and carry it outside...
01:41 [Xuenay] *brought it in
01:43 [infinpotential] you hold a lot 'inside' to yourself
01:43 [infinpotential] you are very emotionally receptive to others
01:43 [infinpotential] correct?
01:43 [infinpotential] :)
01:43 [infinpotential] your feelings can 'topple' over
01:44 [infinpotential] and they all come gushing out like a fast stream or a ocean's wave.. ;)
01:47 [Xuenay] Humm?
01:48 [infinpotential] the first vowel in your name (the one you most identify by as 'you')
01:48 [infinpotential] is a U - it's the 21st letter in the 26letter English alphabet
01:49 [infinpotential] the U is the 2 peace maker & diploment that desires the 1 - being independent & in leading roles to fulfill the creativity/imagination of the '3'
01:49 [infinpotential] 21-3
01:49 [infinpotential] 2+1=3 - numerology
01:50 [infinpotential] our letters vibrate to certain number vibrations
01:50 [infinpotential] the vowels in our name are our soul's desire, you could say
01:51 [Xuenay] Uhh
Numerology )
Katrina was manipulated into being )
Reptiles control us all )
Reptiles and Biblical mind control )
Atlantis )
Reptiles replacing us with robots )
John F. Kennedy )
This last bit is just... sad )

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